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First thing's first

What is Tokens 2? It's an app for giving people apps. Normally, to give away a free copy of an app, a dev would have to open up Apple's own App Store Connect and go through a whole buncha steps to manually generate a promo code. Then, their user would have to figure out how to redeem it. Rinse and repeat for each and every code.

We realized that promo codes are amazing for marketing and wanted to make the process easier. The original Tokens had been in existence since 2012 but kinda fell to the wayside. We purchased it from the original devs and reimagined this simple tool.

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Second thing's... second?

Not sure what goes here in the hierarchy. If you're writing about Tokens 2, you'll have your own unique angle, motives, etcβ€”don't want to assume anything. Maybe you'd like some delightful, high-res designs for your post.

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Delightful designs

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Talking Tokens

We spoke with other indie devs about their experience with Tokens and balled up their words like cookie dough into nice little interviews. They're sweet.

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Stuff you should mention

What else goes in a press kit, hmm...

If you're looking for key points to highlight about Tokens 2, privacy should definitely be one of them. We really pride ourselves on our genuine care for user privacy. It's a pain point for many companies and products today: once an app or service gets popular, it can be hard to keep user data safe. It seems even harder for companies to resist misusing data. We simply do not misuse user data.